Technical MANAGER

3Pillar offered the framework for professional development to help me grow professionally. I think about where I was when I started and where I am now and it makes me proud. The variety of projects I see and technology I get to work with are the building blocks of the framework.
— Karoly Szanto

Location: Timisoara, Romania
In My Pocket: HTC One
Favorite Movie: Oldboy (“Oldeuboi” 2003)
Desert Island Album: Plastic Beach, Gorillaz
Can't  Live  Without:  Snowboard & Guitar
Hometown: Popesti, BH
College: IT University of Copenhagen
Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Karoly Szanto is a Technical Manager, based out of Timisoara, working on bringing 3Pillar’s Android projects to market. He works with different teams of architects and designers to choose the right technology stack for each individual project.  

When he’s not working on the next great Android app, you can find Karoly in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. His other hobbies includebiking, snowboarding, traveling, and playing the guitar.