Senior director - Product STRATEGY & DESIGN

My dinosaur and I have been many places, and this is our favorite. The work is challenging, the people are fun, and the environment is flexible.
— Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall leads Product Strategy & Design  at 3Pillar. In this role, she oversees a team of UX Designers, Product Managers,  and Business Analysts  charged with helping clients bring impactful new software products to market. 

When she's not conducting a workshop or speaking at a tech conference, Jess can be found playing with her daughter,  Maisy, going for long bike rides with her husband, Zeke, shredding the gnar on the slopes  of Vermont, and writing about user experience design and much more on her own website at  

Location: Fairfax, VA
Weapon of Choice:  Post-its, lots and lots of Post-its
In My  Pocket:  Sony  Xperia  Z3
Favorite Book:  The Ice Cream Cone Coot and Other Rare Birds, by Arnold Lobel
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
Desert Island Album: Who buys albums? 
Can't Live Without:  Candy,  Bikes, Crinkle Elephant (Gotta have a go-to baby toy. For your own sanity, I mean)
Hometown:  Bremerton, WA
College:  American University, University of Edinburgh
Dogs or Cats:  Can I pick both?  No, I cant. I have two cats.  Cats.