3Pillar's 30 Hires in 30 Days Campaign - Terms & Conditions

3Pillar is on a quest to hire 30 people in the next 30 days. We are growing and that’s a really great feeling.
The current situation finds us where we need to accelerate building a hiring pipeline to support our growth and leverage our organization to new standards and this is where we invite you ALL to participate in 3Pillar’s Challenge to Hire 30 people in 30 days on a global scale. 

How will this work for each location?
1.            We have 30 positions to fill in 30 days globally. We launched the challenge on Monday, August 17th and will last till September 17th
2.            In each location we have specific needs:
a.            US: User Experience, Product Managers, Client Partners, Mobile developers, Front End developers (AngularJS is nice to have)
b.           IN: AngularJS Senior and Tech Lead, .NET Senior and Tech Lead, iOS Senior and Tech Lead, Android Senior and Tech Lead
c.            RO: Front End developer (AngularJS is nice to have), iOS Senior and Tech Lead, Android Senior and Tech Lead, Java Tech Lead (UI experience is a plus), Recruiter
3.            We will consider all the offers that were signed these 30 days and not the date when the person joins
4.            We will offer a weekly status on the progress

How can YOU help?
1.            See the ads shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and on our Careers site. Please share them with your network!

Send all the shares as screen capture to hr-romania@3pillarglobal.com. The people with the most shares will participate in a lottery to win a gift card. The winner and prize will be announced on September 21st using Random.org.

2.            Refer your friends for the open positions
The person who refers the most candidates to get hired can win his/her   choice of a new iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad mini.

The winner will be announced on September 21st on our Careers website   and upon communicating his preference for the prize, one will receive it within three week’s time.

3.            Ask your friends to refer people to us
The most active friend who sends most referrals to hr-romania@3pillarglobal.com, people who get hired, can win one of the gadgets mentioned at 2 under the same terms and conditions.
 Good luck to all of us and let’s make it to 30 in 30 days!