Senior Software Engineer

“I enjoy working at 3Pillar because of the relationships among my colleagues, the software engineering community, the freedom to develop my career path, and last but not least, the chance to collaborate with the best client in network security systems.”
— Andrei Secea

Location: Timisoara, Romania
Weapon of choice: Macbook Pro
In my pocket: iPhone 6
Favorite book:  The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Favorite movie: The entire Star Wars Series  
Desert island album:  Play by Moby
Can't live without: Music, Xbox   
Hometown: Timisoara, Romania
College: "Politehnica" University of Romania  
Dogs or cats: Dogs


Andrei has been at 3Pillar for more than 3 years as an Automation Engineer, working with the latest technologies in network security to design and implement an automation framework for Cisco. His curiosity and passion for Linux and networking give him the skills to not only excel at what he does, but to coach others as well.

When he’s not engineering, you may find Andrei woodworking alongside his father. He also enjoys traveling, meeting with friends, or just having a cozy afternoon with a good movie.