I love building innovative products that solve real problems and 3Pillar is a great creative platform for this – really smart people, great culture, and a drive to build something valuable.
— Alok Jain

Alok Jain is the Director of 3Pillar's User Experience + Design practice. He and his teams work with clients to help uncover unmet needs of their customers and  design simple, elegant, and innovative solutions to address those needs. They do so by applying a people-centered creative approach called Design Thinking.

Alok is passionate about Innovation, Design, Leadership and Entrepreneurship and occasionally writes at (a play on Leonardo Da Vinci). He loves to dabble with new ideas and technologies like Arduino, 3-D Printing, drones, Telematics and more. He has a 9-year-old son, Aditya, with whom he loves to play cricket and do woodworking projects.

Location: Fairfax, Virginia 
Weapon of Choice:
 Pencil and Paper
In My Pocket: iPhone 5S
Favorite Book:  Good to Great, by  Jim Collins
Favorite Movie:  My Cousin Vinny
Desert Island Album:  None, will just enjoy the island
Can't Live Without: Family, Staying busy
College: Delhi University - India
Dogs or Cats: Dogs for sure