SOFTWARE Architect

I love working at 3Pillar because of the great environment it provides. As an employee, I feel like I have the freedom to innovate and contribute in areas outside of my position.
— Abhy Nadar

Abhy Nadar is an Architect at 3Pillar's Noida office. He has been with 3Pillar for more than 9 years. In 2014, Abhy won the India offices's most coveted award at our Annual Day party - Employee of the Year. Abhy manages a project for a client who must remain nameless in the Health & Wellness domain.

Away from work, Abhy is an avid photographer. When he's behind the lens of his Nikon D7000, Abhy's favorite subjects are nature and people. He also likes to spend time traveling, reading, and playing with his two daughters.


Location: Fairfax, VA
Weapon of Choice:  Nikon D7000
In My  Pocket:  Lumia  1520
Favorite Book:  The Borne Identity, by Robert Ludlum
Favorite Movie:  The Matrix
Can't Live Without:  The Bible (God's word) 
Hometown:  New  Delhi,  India  
College:  Motilal Nehru College, Delhi University
Dogs or Cats:  Neither