What I love most about 3Pillar is the overall environment. I get to work with people who I like and respect and there is a very strong sense of honesty and fairness among the teams that I have worked with. I get to discover and learn new things daily, things that I can honestly say help me personally and professionally.
— Raluca Han

Raluca Han is the Finance and Administration Manager in 3Pillar’s Cluj–Napoca office. In this role she is connected across multiple departments doing whatever is necessary to meet strategic company objectives. She wears multiple hats throughout the day but she  and her team work together and laugh together to make sure that the Cluj office is operating smoothly.

When she’s not at work, Raluca is a devoted wife and mother to her family and loves every second of it. Her 4 year old daughter, Carla, loves to draw, swim, and watch cartoons, activities that Raluca and her husband gladly participate in. She likes to read, write, and above all else spend time with her family and friends.

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Weapon  Of Choice:  Karate Chop
In My Pocket: Crayons  for my daughter, Carla
Favorite Book: Agatha Christie Novels
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing and Man on Fire
Desert Island Album: Anything by Zaz
Hometown: AIUD
College: Babes Bolyai University - Cluj-Napoca
Dogs or Cats: Dogs